This card was made for the Eukanuba Award site .

I used only one photo and two logo's and turned it into an animated homepage for the contest-website.

Here are several of my advertisements that I make for magazines that I work for as publicity for my business and also newyears cards that I send to my clients. 

Every year I try to make something special. 

Find below some of them as illustration of my creativity with Photoshop.

Feel free to contact me if you would like me to create something unique for you or your company.

I turned this photo of myself into a poster alike the famous poster of US president Obama for Times magazine.
I turned the above photo into a cartoonlike advertisement to promote my Mobile Photo Studio
This advertisement consist of two photos and a logo. The dog is given a impression of jumping as I made the legs shaking effect. 

On the Jumbo I pasted the logo of my commercial website and did the same on the concrete floor of the parking slot of the plane.